You can start right now earning money without any trick or complication. All you have to do is follow the next steps


1 – Like our Facebook page

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2 – Login / Register an account

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3 – Tell us you want to get commissions

3.1 – Follow this link: contact form and tell us you want your Seller Identifier Number. Please select the subject “I want to sell CREWDNA packages”.

Your Seller Identifier Number will be ready within 24 hours. You can see it under “my profile”:



Everything is settled up now and you can start selling packages as soon as you get your “Seller Identifier Number”. You should give that number to the package buyer, he should insert it while doing the purchase so we can identify the sell is yours.


More info about the packages


Posting Packages – Our customers will get access for one time only for the number of resumes they select.

Monthly Packages – Our customers will get access one time per month for the number of resumes they select. (They have to buy at least 3 months)

In both situations you’ll earn 50% commission of the total price of each package! No complications, no tricks, this is completely straight forward.


How can I get my payments and when?

You’ll get paid at the last day of each month. We’ll send you an email with precise instructions how should you proceed to get your payment.


Marketing material download

CREWDNA wants your success, so we are preparing and authentic stunning Marketing Material Download Section just for you.

You’ll then have access to flyers and other information you can use for your own benefits.


I need more info

You can request more info sending an email to with the SUBJECT “Commissions”.

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