Is CREWDNA a Human Resource company?

We are not, we are a Job Board and Professional Network that helps candidates to find employers and employers to find the best professionals.


Is it for free?

Yes, completely free for candidates.


Why should I create a very complete profile?

The profile is your online resume at CREWDNA and this is what we show to employers, not your resume file.

As more as you complete it and make it look nice, as more well succeed you can be.


Why CREWDNA sends the online resume instead of the resume file?

This is a way to keep the same resume looking for all the candidates. It is more fair, looks better and it’s easy to analyze for employers and us.

Also because the profile fields, work with our filters, what makes easy and more effective our job, what will contribute to help you in a better way.


Should I upload my resume file?

Yes, we can always consult it if some information is incomplete in your profile.


I have applied for a vacancy, when do i get an answer?

We’ll answer you in a maximum of 7 days. CREWDNA needs to analyse carefully your profile and check if you match the employer criteria and also our own criteria.


CREWDNA approved my application. What’s next?

This means we have accepted your apply, but doesn’t mean the employer will call you for an interview, since he has to analyze your profile before call you.

Anyway, we’ll keep constantly searching for the same type of jobs, you’ve been applying to and employers can then contact you anytime for the interview.

Employers have 45 days to contact you, if you don’t receive an answer from them on the meanwhile, this means other person has been choose.


CREWDNA rejected my application. What’s next?

This is not the end of the World. We keep searching jobs for you even if you don’t apply for anyone. Since you register and do a good and complete profile that

we start searching employers for you.


Will CREWDNA contact me for interviews?

Only employers have to do this, by phone, email or both ways.


Why CREWDNA post the jobs instead of the employers?

This is a service we provide for the employers, so they can earn time to focus on their business.


When can I get more information details about the vacancy?

When the employer contact you. You are free to ask him all the information you need and also reject the offer.


Should I inform CREWDNA about  the rejection?

If the decision was yours, we would like to know the reason why, so we can improve our services for you.


What’s this of earning money and commissions before or after get a job?

This is a way we think is good for you to earn money and also contribute for our success.

We believe this can bring benefits for both sides, for you and us, since you have the possibility to earn money and we to sell.

What also will contribute to help more people getting a job. Is on this that we believe and our purpose with this action.


Do I need to do this in order to search for a job?

No, completely not. No obligations at all, you must be comfortable doing it and we do care about it.

Where can i find more info about it?

If you are interested, for more info follow the link: commissions


How can I remove my user account?

Please notice us through our contact form and select the subject “I want to remove my user account”.

You’ll get a confirmation email from us within maximum of 24 hours.

We prefer this way for security reasons and because we want to keep a closer of all our users.

If this Frequently Asked Questions doesn’t answer for a question you may have, please contact us via the contact form and select the subject “I have a question”.

We’ll be glad to answer you and also to add your question and our answer into our FAQ page section.

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