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Job Description

Restaurant servers are responsible for submitting guest menu selections and presenting these food and beverage preferences.  The right person will gain menu knowledge and give recommendations from our compilation of cuisine and drink offerings.  A restaurant server will engage in casual conversation and create the restaurant experience by their style and service attributes.  Other duties include general restaurant preparation and maintaining a sanitary environment.  If you have experience as a server in a restaurant, we’d love to hear from you!You’re more than welcome.


  1. A true desire to satisfy the needs of others in a fast paced environment.
  2. Refined verbal communication skills.
  3. Must have physical stamina to lift moderate amounts of weight.
  4. Ability to stand for long periods of time.


  • Career progression
  • Attractive salary
  • A good environment with a very professional team always ready to support you.

General Information

  1. Smoker?
  2. Tattoos.?
  3. Hair colour?
  4. Max distance to travel?
  5. Vehicle access.?

How To Apply

Apply via website and please full fill in your profile details on the website. – Thank you

Hair colour of the candidate?

20 kms

Max distance to travel?

20 kms

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